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eCommerce fulfillment is the entire process by which goods ordered online make it to your customer’s doorstep. This process includes six main components: eCommerce store integration, inventory management, picking and packing, order fulfillment, delivery, and return management. An eCommerce fulfillment provider is equipped to handle every aspect of this process for its clients.

While every eCommerce company has different needs and reasons for outsourcing to a fulfillment center, there are some primary benefits that help companies reduce cost and operate more efficiently. 

More space for inventory – a fulfillment warehouse offers you the advantage to easily increase your inventory as your business grows. Fulfillment warehouses operate with high tech inventory management software that allows you to easily track orders and view current capacity.

Better shipping rates – A fulfillment company like PDC Fulfillment can help customers take advantage of reduced shipping prices through their extensive network of shipping contacts and large order volume. Shipping carriers provide discounts based on volume, so when a fulfillment center is shipping hundreds or thousands of orders per day, they can pass that savings along to the customer.

Keep overhead and staffing costs low – Perhaps you’re a small e-commerce business just getting started or national company that prefers to operate with a core staff. Investing in warehouse space, equipment, software, and employees can be time consuming and expensive. Outsourcing your fulfillment allows you to take advantage of a larger fulfillment structure and supply chain operation. So as your business grows, your fulfillment provider can offer scalable solutions that grow with you. 

A partnership with Piedmont Distribution Centers offers you unrivaled industry experience in fulfillment warehousing and third-party logistics. PDC is a division of Distribution Technology, a 3PL provider in headquartered in Charlotte, NC that has been in business for over 50 years. With an extensive warehouse and shipping network, PDC focuses on supply chain customization that fits eCommerce companies’ unique needs and can offer storage and shipping discounts depending on inventory and volume. We pride ourselves on helping customers grow their brand and achieve success with solutions designed to enhance customer service and increase profit. 

PDC offers convenient integration with major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Amazon, and Walmart Marketplace, WooCommerce, and more. These platforms allow clients to easily connect and import product lists, track SKUs, and verify shipping and receiving information for simplified inventory management. PDC works with each individual client to ensure platform setup is seamless and will verify all products upon arrival at the facility. 

Maybe you’re a small business gaining traction, or perhaps you’ve grown rapidly and it’s no longer feasible for you to continue a scalable operation in-house — that means it’s time to consider partnering with a fulfillment center! We understand fulfillment isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Piedmont Distribution Centers uses a consultative approach with new customers to understand their unique challenges, and creates a plan based on their specific goals and budget. To get started, we’ll review your inventory, order volume, packaging requirements, and shipping and delivery conditions. Then, we’ll put together a proposal that addresses the specific aspects of your business to help you become more profitable and reach more customers.

The cost of outsourcing your eCommerce fulfillment depends on several factors. Keeping costs low while also meeting customer expectations with reliable and accurate service is top priority. Luckily, there are several ways to reduce costs for customers while providing an excellent client experience. 

Fulfillment costs vary depending on what 3PL and distribution center you choose to partner with. Typically, you can expect there to be fees associated with account setup, warehouse receiving (since there is labor associated with receiving and reviewing inventory), inventory storage and management, picking and packing, packaging and shipping, and return management and processing. 

Through Piedmont Distribution Centers’ extensive experience in warehousing and 3PL, we’ve developed highly efficient processes and tools to help reduce costs associated with the fulfillment process and pass those savings on to customers. Unlike other fulfillment warehouses, we won’t charge for unused shelf-space during slow seasons, and we always pass along volume shipping discounts where applicable.

Our pricing model is reflective of the total fulfillment cost, so you can rest assured you’re receiving the best pricing without obscure line items or hidden fees cluttering your invoice. 

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